Teen Girls Class

A few weeks ago, I started a teen girls class. My roommate, Bessy, is a big help. She leads songs and helps with commentary to make sure the girls were paying attention. By the grace of God, I think the girls can actually understand when I teach in Spanish. I started the class by having the girls write on a post-it note what they wanted to learn from this class. I also told them that if they had any questions about the Bible or about the life of a teenager in general, to write it down. Some of the responses were very general, like "I want to study the Bible." But I had several that asked about how to become a Christian, questions about baptisim, and questions about how to be a faithful and true Christian. Based on that information, I have started a series called To Come to Christ/Venir a Cristo. Last night was the first night in this series. We started last night off with a 4 minute video that showed a group recieving the Bible in their language for the first time. The girls had never seen anything like that. Sometimes we tend to talk down to them or act like they are our charity case. I was able to show them (and me) how incredibly blessed we are. We have the word of God in our hands and in our language. It definitely changed the mood of the room. The girls were silent (which rarely happens) and then we prayed. Edith prayed for people around the world that don't know Jesus and she thanked God for our ability to have the Bible and to understand it. After that, we sang a couple of songs and then we had our first lesson.
The lesson for last night was "Why do we need Jesus?" I asked them to imagine that they owed the bank a 100,000 dollars. Of course, we couldn't pay it and it became this huge weight on our shoulders. Eventually, we were arrested and sent to prison for the money we owed. That was to be our life, alone in a cold prison cell. But then one day, the guard told us that someone had paid all of our debt and we were free. I explained that the world without Jesus Christ is really just a prison cell. Sad and lonely with no way of escape. We read John 14:1-4. I told the girls that Jesus Christ is preparing a place for us in heaven. He has a house/room specifically set aside for each of us. It has our name on the door and its not for anyone else, but ours. Its not special because its a mansion or comes with a nice car. Its amazing beyond words because it comes with Jesus Christ, the one who saved us when no one else could.

Next time, we are going to talk about what it means to be a Christian. Please pray for this group of girls. Theres so much chaos in El Salvador and in the Church here.  Pray that they know that, despite everything else, we belong to a kingdom that cannot be shaken.

Keep praying!

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