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Blogs are a great source of guilt for bloggers. Its always, "I need to blog" or "No, really, I really need to blog," or "I haven't even blogged since..." Finally the guilt has gotten to me. So here I write.
Another common problem facing bloggers, myself very much included, we occasionally write based on what we think the readers want to read.
Sorry folks, today Im just going to be brutally honest.

The month that I've been back has been one of the hardest. The congregation here has really been going through a rough time. They've had to deal with rumors, lawsuits, and even disfellowshipped a former preacher. This has definitely hurt morale but I'm hoping that this is a trial we can overcome and that it'll only make us stronger.

As you know, I also teach at the school. The new director/principal is a wonderful woman and I really enjoy working with her. I'm trying teach her how to use a computer. It has been an interesting experience for both of us because Im trying to teach her how to use a Spanish computer with a Spanisk keyboard. But we are learning together.
As every teacher knows, the start of a new year brings new trials and new students. My new students have been great. The Ministry of Education has been slightly frustrating with their constant change in requirements.

A few weeks ago, a good friend of mine was arrested here in La Palma. I'm not sure if he's innocent or not, but as my friend, he deserves the benefit of a doubt. Therefore, I doubt he's guilty. This has definitely added some extra stress in my life and I'm very worried about him.

Combine that with a side of homesickness and you can see its been a rough month. I'm asking that you please pray for me and for the work here. Pray that God give me strength and wisdom to carry out His will.

That being said, it hasnt been all bad. This past week was Valentines Day. Dia de Amistad. Started off last Friday by having our first teen girls class/Dia de Amistad party. I got the girls tons of cake and candy and we talked about living the "Sweet Life."
La Palma goes crazy over this week. There has been a carnival/festival in town all week, a magician performing on Thursday, a rodeo in town yesterday, a series of futbol games, and tonight a dance party in the street/crowning of the Queen. There has also been tons of vendors, including pizza vendors and lots of pizza vendors. Theres a company called Teti's. They make excellent pizza and I have been to see them three times this week. I love them and will miss them dearly when they leave after this weekend.

I have tons of pictures to post. I will post an additional post just for pictures.
Once again, please pray for the work here and that whatever happens God is glorified. Pray that we are doing His will and leading the Church in the right direction. Pray also that if we EVER start to lead the Church in the wrong direction, that we will see the light.

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