Sharing the Good News

Recently, Jose Castillo was interviewed about the work here in La Palma. Today that article was in the paper.
Below is the link for the article:

To save the non-Spanish readers some time, here is the same article after Google has translated it. I apologize in advance for anything Google translated incorrectly.

Church of Christ helps poor families in Chalatenago

Pedro Valle Contributor
Diario Co Latino Writing

For an initiative of the Church of Christ in the city of Monett, Missouri, United States, low-income families in La Palma and its surroundings in the Department of Chalantenango, receive humanitarian aid that allows them to afford food and educational needs.

When members of this church visited La Palma, they found some important features, including the friendliness of its people, which was then found ways to support the county, both spiritually as well as socially.

According to church growth, were born other projects such as assistence with a monthly payment consisting of food, health, and education expenditures, for it was founded a school where they are given the opportunity to children from low income to form fully.

Another signficant contribution is the medical bridgades are performed each year in coordination with the Municipal Hall in the city or in the districts and villages, with the idea of bringing health services to all people who do not have the resoucres to afford the medical services.

Most beneficiary families are members of the church, though there is openness to other people who can register their children, places of origin of the student population includes La Palma, San Ignacio and some cantons of La Reina, has until now seventh grade level.

The aim of the Church of Christ is to train new generations with a visionary approach, aimed to have the ability to be productive citizens who can function in society and able to bring up their families.

"From kindergarten are taught English and computer skills as part of this projection, so that in the future be able to serve humanity, incorporating a Bible college that trains teachers and preachers," said Jose Castillo, associate and preacher of the Church of Christ.

Back in La Palma

I arrived in San Salvador last Thursday, spent the weekend at the beach with my "tias" and my "primo." We had a wonderful time, minus the part where Joel got sick. I came back to La Palma Monday afternoon. I got my suitcases in my room and immediately left to go find some people that I had definitely missed over the holidays. We had worship service Monday night so I got to visit with a few more people then. After that back to the room to get better aquainted with my new roommate, Bessie.

Tuesday I found out that this year, I get my own classroom. I teach English and typically I go to each grade and teach in their classroom. This year, they will be coming to my class. I'm super excited about this and have been trying to decorate the room and prepare it for a new year of classes. I was a little concerned because I was told I wasn't going to have a marker board. I've become quite spoiled and am not sure I know how to teach without a marker board. God provides. This time he provided in the way of hermano Jose. Jose is our local preacher here and he's always busy trying to help out in every situation. He said the church had a marker board that they werent using. He even helped me move the board and hang it. So the classroom is starting to look like a classroom. Gracias Jose!

I had a lot of things I wanted to work on today, but Ive been foolish since my return. I haven't been eating food with caution and making sure that its prepared with clean water. I was sick all last night and spent the majority of today resting. I'm not 100% better yet, but definitely an improvement from this morning. I'm hoping that tomorrow I can go back to working on the classroom and go back to eating again.

El Salvador Bound

Lord willing, I will be flying back to El Salvador on Thursday. I'm very anxious to get back to La Palma and begin a new year with my brothers and sisters there. I have a lot of things planned for the coming year. It will be a challenging but rewarding year.
Although I'm ready to return to the land of warm tortillas, mountain views, and my Spanish speaking friends, saying good bye to my friends and family here is never easy. But with Christ, no goodbye is forever. As always, I'd love to see you all in La Palma. Currently, my plan is to move back to the States in December 2011.... but plans are always subject to change.
Please pray for me this week as I prepare to say goodbye and return to El Salvador. Also, please say a special prayer for the work there and that God will be glorified in whatever happens this year.